Parent Section

Welcome Parents!

One of our main goals in creating this website is to help you find helpful tools, tips, and resources to set your child up for success in school.

We have spoken to many parents who either:

  • have a child struggling in school and they need to know how to help them at home or
  • have a child who is excelling in school and they need ideas to challenge them.

We want your child not only to do well in school, but to develop a love for learning along the way.  

You are your child’s first teacher- and we want to provide you with the tools to become your child’s best and most effective teacher!  The fact that you are currently on this website shows that you have an interest in and support your child’s education-and that is the most essential element!  Your child will pick up on the fact that you view education as important and he/she will respond accordingly and place learning high on their “totem pole” of priorities.  

We believe that the information in the links below will not only help your child learn, but will also provide fun, bonding experiences for you as well.

Click on the links below or in the navigation bar at the top of the page to start your journey of learning with!

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